Research shows the Dutch youth is pretty average in being healthy. In fact, there’s work to do because if we change nothing, half of the current youth will have some sort of chronic disease in 2040. That’s why all Dutch health foundations joined forces and started an initiative called Gezonde Generatie (Healthy Generation) with the mission to make the Dutch youth the healthiest worldwide by 2040.

As part of Gezonde Generatie, we are working on the communication strategy to change behaviour and help Dutch teenagers to choose healthy behaviour and amplify resilience against unhealthy seductions. This brought us to launch a content community for Dutch youth, with content made by these talented youngsters. The name? 2K40. And we are just beginning...

Take control of your monster

This year, SGF wanted to pay extra attention to young people with a horrible childhood experience. Their stories formed the inspiration for a song, written by Bente, and will hopefully inspire other young people to confide in someone and talk about it.


Let's start building our healthiest generation

In 2040 we are going to be the healthiest generation in the world.


How to break the stigma around mental health?

If talking about your mental problems is hard, music might help you put your feelings into words.