If you've been lucky enough to have been in The Efteling, you know there’s a magic atmosphere. The feeling when you pass the walls of the themepark on your way in, the magical experience in the park to the way home filled with a family feeling you will never forget. From time to time we help the Efteling in bringing that feeling across and show you what’s waiting behind the beautiful gates. But we never tell too much...

Discover a World of Wonders

Efteling has been around for over sixty years and nearly every living soul in The Netherlands has been spellbound by its fairy tale world. But how to share this wondrous feeling with an international audience unaware the park even exists?


Bringing home some Efteling magic

Going there is amazing. Coming home can be tough. When a family falls back into it’s daily routine after a magical day at the Winter Efteling, a little girl sets out to bring back the feeling they had while visiting the theme park.