Everyone should decide at some point whether she or he would like to be an organ donor or not. Still, most of the people postpone this decision and potentially save their loved ones an impossible dilemma.

Within our structural cooperation with Nierstichting, we try to find ways to let people in need for an organ to the talking, in a conscientious way where they are our heroes instead of the victims. One of the key strategic insights is that they do not beg people to donate, but that they stimulate the viewer to spend just a minute of their time on making the right decision that fits them.

Saving a life by sharing a video

How a small question gained maximum impact.


Donate a one minute conversation

We're not asking to donate us a new organ, just a minute of your time. A minute that should be enough to let your loved ones know about your last wishes.


Your kidneys are your life

Kidney patients are strong people who will try to live a “Normal” life, as much their disease allows them to. So we made them stop for a second and listen to their loved ones.