Bas is the managing director and co-founder of Wefilm. He started as an entrepreneur at the age of 16. In the first years of his professional career, Bas produced international TV-commercials for a variety of directors, agencies, and clients worldwide while studying economics and business at the University of Amsterdam. After graduating in 2010, he found a niche in the Dutch market, in which he positioned his own company together with his brother Roel. Over the years, Bas transformed Wefilm from a traditional production company into a creative agency for impact. Next to his work at Wefilm, Bas is a regular guest at all Dutch talk shows and columnist at BNR News Radio. He is a guest lecturer at WdkA, Dutch Film Academy, and Nijenrode University. Bas is a frequent KeyNote speaker at events by, for example, TEDx, Google, and Rabobank.

Mixing all colors gives you black

Black is a story. It’s a statement. Every color combined into one. And now it’s a brand new broadcaster on Dutch tv.

Omroep Zwart


We teamed up Interpolis with Snelle to conquer the music hit charts and have the youth choose love over the risky habit of using a phone while cycling.


Max the Hacker, a viral legend

To show that IT is fun, we gave birth to a hacker. This YouTube series reached over 31 million people without any media budget.

Info Support 1

Don't wait to say beautiful words

Dela wants to inspire everyone to say beautiful words. With hidden cameras, we shot 6 touching speeches of real people.

Dela 52

Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare


#Firstconcert for a deaf girl

When technology and human endeavor come together, amazing things happen. Vodafone teamed up with Kyteman to organize a special concert for Vera who was born deaf and only recently recovered her hearing thanks to a CI.

Vodafone 5

The most unwanted business card

When medical specialist go out onto the streets to make their future appointment with smokers.


The stress test

To introduce their new deodorant, Nivea created the circumstances that would make anyone sweat. Innocent bystanders were made to believe the whole country was on the hunt for them.

Nivea 3

Go Places

Are you whit and fit enough to go places for the Heineken Company? This interactive job interview analyzes your personality in 12 questions.

Heineken 7