Beau graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in 2012. Both graduation films he produced: 'Magnesium' by director Sam de Jong and 'A twist in the fabric of space', directed by Morgan Knibbe, received worldwide attention and several awards. Beau worked as a freelance producer for companies as Suikerdepot, Czar, MediaMonks, Halal, and Bonkers on numerous awarded TV commercials. As an ambitious producer who likes to work on comprehensive jobs, his track record shows he can produce stylish-looking films at relatively low costs while never compromising on impact. No project too big nor too small, Beau is always looking forward to new challenges, new projects, and new ways of telling stories that matter.

Because every life deserves infinite attention

How to visualize the sincere attention of DELA funeral directors in a modest, human way?


Looking for healthy

Everywhere around us, unhealthy food and drinks are offered and promoted. To such an extent that the choice for healthy eating and drinking is made impossible by the food industry.


The smart work with their hands

Dentsu Creative approached us with a brilliant idea to show the irreplaceable importance of manual labor: Let a.i. compete against mbo students in a practical exam.


Don’t let your cell phone steal your future

Interpolis approached Wefilm with their new long term goal: by 2050 they want there to be 0 deaths in traffic accidents.


The graduation speech

Graduating from a part-time study doesn’t always get the praise it deserves.


50 years and we're just getting started

Due to the fantastic results of the "Orange lionesses", women have become an indispensable part of the football landscape. This is an ode to women's football.


The man who dared to fly

We teamed up with TBWA to create an unforgettable moment with Epke Zonderland, for Friesland Campina. The day before he flew to Tokyo for his final Olympic Games, we surprised him with a very personal video.


Delivering bad news 100.000 times a year

Smoking tobacco is an addiction and the government must take action by abandoning tobacco. With this film we want to make the government aware of that.

Gezondheidsfondsen voor Rookvrij

More Future, More GroenLinks

For the upcoming Dutch elections we want to show you that green political party Groenlinks is not about "less", but about "more".


How to be non-stop successful at everything all the time

A satirical web series about two self-proclaimed success gurus teaching you the secrets to excel in business.

De Speld

A couple of questions from the next generation

Time for an unusual and uncomfortable interview about the one subject that should be on top of every voters mind during the upcoming election.


A big live Christmas show... at home

Bringing people together for a virtual sing-a-long with Karin Bloemen

Klup en NN


We teamed up Interpolis with Snelle to conquer the music hit charts and have the youth choose love over the risky habit of using a phone while cycling.


No time to lose

This is the story of Guus. A young boy who suffers from a muscle disease called SMA. His story represents more than 20.000 children in the Netherlands with muscle diseases. Together with well known sports ambassadors, we initiated a fundraising new style.

Spieren voor Spieren

Welcome back!

Together with the KNVB and sportswriter/poet Frank Heinen we created a film that makes you want to run to your soccer club. And if you don't have one, you'd wish you had.


Your kidneys are your life

Kidney patients are strong people who will try to live a “Normal” life, as much their disease allows them to. So we made them stop for a second and listen to their loved ones.


Going back to where we came from

Escaping the loud melody of the city and going back to the silent harmony of your hometown.

ROQ ’N Rolla Music

Read First, Speak later

Thanks to our freedom of speech, we say what we think. But do we think before we speak?

Vrij Nederland

The color of love

Love colors everything, the city you live in, the streets you walk, the people you meet.

Cloud 9 Recordings B.V.

What's normal nowadays?

Together with Buutvrij we wanted to show you that Ikea supports you with smart and elegant solutions even with this world's "New Normal".


We are all in this together

Making the best of staying at home during these difficult times of self-quarantining with smart Ikea products


Donate a one minute conversation

We're not asking to donate us a new organ, just a minute of your time. A minute that should be enough to let your loved ones know about your last wishes.


You've got it all

No matter if you’re a furniture maker, a kitchen princess or a wizard, IKEA can help you out


Outsmarting bike thieves

Ending bike theft with innovation and creativity. Starting with discouraging buyers in The Bike Trap.


Not Just Football

The EK is not just football, it’s so much more!

Amsterdam Host City

Why wait to say something beautiful

The beautiful effect of speaking to your loved ones


The super powers of a receptionist

When everything seems to fall apart, the most unexpected persons can become hero’s.

Introducing Google Tulip

Listen to nature and discover the amazing things it has to say.


Salland for Salland

Why just talk about helping people when you can use your commercial for those people in need?

Salland Zorgverzekeringen

The most unwanted business card

When medical specialist go out onto the streets to make their future appointment with smokers.