• Britt Kenter

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Climbing her beloved Norwegian mountains and the work she does are one and the same if you ask Britt: giving everything you have got in order to reach the most astonishing views. She is a go-getter, who believes that leadership comes with the duty to do good. Within her role as Client Lead, Britt does not merely want to support clients, but also guide them towards the uppermost attainable by adding her own enthusiastic creativity. Her eager mentality, love for craft and experience at agency side make her the perfect fit for our Wefilm family.

Don’t let your cell phone steal your future

Interpolis approached Wefilm with their new long term goal: by 2050 they want there to be 0 deaths in traffic accidents.


Because every life deserves infinite attention

How to visualize the sincere attention of DELA funeral directors in a modest, human way?


Don't be scared Mum and Dad

We're all afraid of something, but let's let the kids decide if these paintings give them the creeps.


The man who dared to fly

We teamed up with TBWA to create an unforgettable moment with Epke Zonderland, for Friesland Campina. The day before he flew to Tokyo for his final Olympic Games, we surprised him with a very personal video.



Behind every Olympic athlete stand dedicated people who enable our heroes to perform at their best.

Nederlandse Loterij

No kids offside

A 360 campaign that celebrates the differences within every football team.


The graduation speech

Graduating from a part-time study doesn’t always get the praise it deserves.