• Dennis Lubbers

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Dennis is a director and cinematographer at Wefilm, who is committed to using his craft to make a positive impact. He is particularly passionate about raising awareness about climate change and human rights issues through his work. A graduate of the Dutch Film Academy, Dennis has honed his skills in filmmaking, as well as in cinematography. He loves using cinematic tools to evoke a subjective response from viewers. Dennis aims to inspire viewers to come to their own conclusions through his films.

Hopeless about climate change

Some people find the ending disturbing

The first ride home

It’s all about those first precious moments



DA Directorscut


Healthy lungs are of vital importance

Breath in, breath out



No crew, just 2 singers and a director with his camera making a beautiful intimate video.

AAA Management

Welcome back!

Together with the KNVB and sportswriter/poet Frank Heinen we created a film that makes you want to run to your soccer club. And if you don't have one, you'd wish you had.


The self driving bike

Experience biking 2.0 with Google's newest creation: the Google Self-Driving bike.