Jan is a director with a real passion for storytelling. He has studied at the two major film schools in Brussels: RITS and NARAFI, and graduated from the Flemish Script Academy, majoring in screenplay writing. Yet, when Jan got the opportunity to direct a commercial, he instantly fell in love with commercials' short-format storytelling. The love was mutual: his first commercial got instantly picked-up by international film festivals earning him second place at the Young Director's Award in Cannes. Jan is known for his visual narratives, aesthetic style, and very particular 'high-brow' comedy. Besides his work at Wefilm, Jan writes and directs fiction films.

Sharing the drive towards a greener society

A cool lady in an 80s tracksuit with a goat? A silly move that stays in your head? Yes! Make the move!


Package delivery next-door

Have you ever had a package delivered at your neighbours? Well, in football crazy times this can lead to funny yet awkward situations... Together with Dept, WE were asked to make two commercials for BOL.COM that play on the friendly rivalry between two neighbouring football nations.


Protect nature, meter by meter

For EarthToday, we show what one square meter of nature looks like and how important it is to protect it.


Boxing '82

Documentary series. After 20 years of exclusion, notorious boxing gym Boxing '82 tries to fight their way back into the arena. A challenge that will take sacrifices.

Dumpert & Viceland

Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare


Keep your distance but stay in touch

It's hard to stay close to your loved ones when the entire country is in lockdown, and when social distancing is the rule of the day.


Together we are at our best

With KPN we made a musical tribute to show you that nothing can keep us apart


Let's start building our healthiest generation

In 2040 we are going to be the healthiest generation in the world.


To uncover the world is to discover yourself

How travelling makes us rediscover something that was lost.


The super powers of a receptionist

When everything seems to fall apart, the most unexpected persons can become hero’s.


Outsmarting bike thieves

Ending bike theft with innovation and creativity. Starting with discouraging buyers in The Bike Trap.


Traveling leaves you speechless

Traveling is like an adventure film. Or a musical. Or a sci-fi. Or..


The worst Instagram account. Ever.

A picture tells us more than a thousand words... or does it?

Samsung 6

Borders reunited

Let's break down walls using two ingredients that unite us all: beer and football.


Music of the mind

What happens when you're enabling three physicially disabled musicians to make music again?


Our biggest fear

What if our mother was right to warn us for being frozen in an awkward position?