Joey, a fashion graduate with a minor in visual culture, discovered his passion for filmmaking during his studies. He's dedicated to capturing genuine and authentic moments while maintaining a cinematic aesthetic. His work revolves around seeking sincerity and vulnerability, blending the necessary with the desired to create emotionally resonant films with universal themes.

Joey has collaborated on commercial projects for brands like SIRE, Nationale Nederlanden, Phillips, Nierstichting, KLM, and Zonnebloem. Now, with WEFILM, he aims to produce impactful films that touch hearts through authentic human connections in our everyday lives and beliefs.

Don't leave vaping undiscussed

Alongside concerned doctors, we are sounding the alarm once again about the rise of vaping among young people, this time calling parents to open the discussion.

Artsen Slaan Alarm

Veteranendag 2022


Nationale Nederlanden - Jelle

Nationale Nederlanden



Blinded By A Runaway


De Zonnebloem - Fien

De Zonnebloem

SIRE - Anashya & Shreyah