• Juliette Stevens

    A hidden force with big impactWork link

Juliette aims to make movies that matter. Her moving portraits – romantic but never without a rough edge – serve as a loving mirror for our society. Resilience drives each of her honest and human-centered films as an endless source of youthful energy. In Juliette's work, those who get knocked down always tend to get up again – something we should treasure. As an educational science student, Juliette had no idea she'd end up being a filmmaker. But making films is in Juliette's blood: her great-grandfather Willy Mullens was a Dutch cinema pioneer. He specialized in practical jokes and slapsticks; his great-granddaughter prefers to focus on today's serious issues that will shape society tomorrow.

A hidden force with big impact

About the doctors you never knew existed, and their profound impact on the lives of (ex-)cancer patients.


A fight for freedom of choice in birth care

With a remarkable live press conference, we created awareness about freedom of choice in birth care. Because that freedom is under pressure and needs to be protected.


The man who dared to fly

We teamed up with TBWA to create an unforgettable moment with Epke Zonderland, for Friesland Campina. The day before he flew to Tokyo for his final Olympic Games, we surprised him with a very personal video.


More Future, More GroenLinks

For the upcoming Dutch elections we want to show you that green political party Groenlinks is not about "less", but about "more".


Looking for healthy

Everywhere around us, unhealthy food and drinks are offered and promoted. To such an extent that the choice for healthy eating and drinking is made impossible by the food industry.


Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare


The color of love

Love colors everything, the city you live in, the streets you walk, the people you meet.

Cloud 9 Recordings B.V.

No time to lose

This is the story of Guus. A young boy who suffers from a muscle disease called SMA. His story represents more than 20.000 children in the Netherlands with muscle diseases. Together with well known sports ambassadors, we initiated a fundraising new style.

Spieren voor Spieren

Dear adults, this is the future speaking

An emotional speech from our future generation. Let’s follow their lead to become more one with nature again.


School for Justice

Former child prostitutes fight back as the most motivated lawyers you will ever meet.

Free a Girl

The Next Rembrandt

Can Rembrandt be brought back to create one more painting, printed in 3D?


Family first (even if it isn't really yours)

Raising money for children by showing the tears and smiles of those who were saved.

SOS kinderdorpen

Letters for later

Inspiring people to think about their precious relationships – and write a legacy of letters.


How music awakens Alzheimer patients

Letting Alzheimer patients experience a precious moment by giving them a card with their favorite music from the past.

Alzheimer NL and Greetz

Time for appreciation

In this commercial for Bouwmaat, we follow the heroes that (re)build our homes and work incredibly hard for amazing results.