As a director at Wefilm, Lennart loves to find beauty in small things in life and the honesty of candid real images. In 2009, he graduated from the Dutch Film Academy with a degree in cinematography. In his first year as a director, he won the Young Directors award at ADCN 2010 and was shortlisted for the Young Directors award at the Cannes Lions 2011. His commercial for Megafon was awarded best Russian commercial in 2013. With Smoorverliefd, Lennart won the ADCN Grand Prix in 2020. After his studies, Lennart was the cinematographer for feature films like Rabat, Wolf and De Oost.

100% green energy, 100% of the time?

What happens with windmills when the wind doesn’t blow? What happens to solar panels when the sun doesn’t shine? How can we maximize the efficiency of green energy?



We teamed up Interpolis with Snelle to conquer the music hit charts and have the youth choose love over the risky habit of using a phone while cycling.


Go Places

Are you whit and fit enough to go places for the Heineken Company? This interactive job interview analyzes your personality in 12 questions.

Heineken 7

Suddenly, you’ve got cancer

In the battle against cancer Fight decided to make the impossible happen: raising 100.000 views by the end of the week to make SBS broadcast our film for free.

KWF Cancer Foundation

Discover a World of Wonders

Efteling has been around for over sixty years and nearly every living soul in The Netherlands has been spellbound by its fairy tale world. But how to share this wondrous feeling with an international audience unaware the park even exists?


Good things don’t come to those who wait

Megafon decided to launch its 4G network with a high paced anthem “for those who don’t want to wait”. It became the most discussed and awarded Russian advertising campaign of 2012.

Megafon 8

I am Sacha in -19 degrees Celsius

Some may remember her as Holland’s loveliest anchorwoman, but three years back Sacha de Boer got back into photography. So we filmed her on the North Pole with the same Nikon equipment she used to capture a world in transition.


Legends aren't born, they're dropped

Heineken gave six men the opportunity to become legendary as they were taken out of their ordinary lives and dropped into the great wide open. A real-life travel show with a twist.


Music above fighting

In a short documentary we followed people who are confronted with separation in everyday life. They cannot cross these borders, but their music can.


You drop, you fall, you fly

With his first music video our director Lennart Verstegen tributes Dutch musical prodigy The Child of Love (1987-2013) to make this his gospels heard below the heavens.

The Child of Love