• Lynn Degen

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Do you know that feeling of coming home after a long day, that kind of home where the interior is neatly arranged but feels warm, where you can let go of all your sorrows? That’s what working with Lynn feels like. She is someone that likes to be one step ahead, a proactive thinker who adds her own touch to every impactful project. As a former producer, Lynn knows how to get things done, whilst carefully making sure that structure and clarity are maintained. These qualities make her the ideal Client Lead to guide you through the three-floor home of Wefilm

A couple of questions from the next generation

Time for an unusual and uncomfortable interview about the one subject that should be on top of every voters mind during the upcoming election.


Take control of your monster

This year, SGF wanted to pay extra attention to young people with a horrible childhood experience. Their stories formed the inspiration for a song, written by Bente, and will hopefully inspire other young people to confide in someone and talk about it.


No time to lose

This is the story of Guus. A young boy who suffers from a muscle disease called SMA. His story represents more than 20.000 children in the Netherlands with muscle diseases. Together with well known sports ambassadors, we initiated a fundraising new style.

Spieren voor Spieren