Martijn is a director at Wefilm. He graduated with honors at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2004 and worked as a creative for several advertising agencies. He decided to study at the Dutch Film Academy, after which we asked him to join Wefilm. The live twitter film Martijn created won the Grand Prix at the ADCN awards 2013 for the most outstanding campaign that year. At the Film Academy, he made several short films, all subtle and elegant. He won advertising awards such as Spinawards, ADCN Awards, VCP Kodak Award, Esprix, and a Cannes Lion. Martijn specializes in realistic commercials and online films dealing with the small inconveniences in life. Next to his work at Wefilm, Martijn directs and writes fiction films.

Because every life deserves infinite attention

How to visualize the sincere attention of DELA funeral directors in a modest, human way?


Don’t let your cell phone steal your future

Interpolis approached Wefilm with their new long term goal: by 2050 they want there to be 0 deaths in traffic accidents.


You've got it all

No matter if you’re a furniture maker, a kitchen princess or a wizard, IKEA can help you out


No kids offside

A 360 campaign that celebrates the differences within every football team.


Don't be scared Mum and Dad

We're all afraid of something, but let's let the kids decide if these paintings give them the creeps.


An ode to Sunday

One could say that Sunday is a perfect day. An untroubled, dreamy day to think about the future. Or not to think about anything at all.


The world’s first live Twitter film

The campaign for the 2012 Dutch Film Festival was the premiere of something unique: film lovers across the country were invited to co-direct a live feature film using Twitter.

Dutch Film Festival 9

The self driving bike

Experience biking 2.0 with Google's newest creation: the Google Self-Driving bike.


How much have we invested in each other?

Rabobank illustrates its philosophy by showcasing the beautiful projects it has invested in. These true stories reflect the different ways we invest in each other.


Sunshine in the Netherlands - 365 days a year.

Google Wind will reuse Holland’s old mills to generate wind, rather than just capturing it.


Music above fighting

In a short documentary we followed people who are confronted with separation in everyday life. They cannot cross these borders, but their music can.


How did we ever end up here?

Becoming a grown up is way harder than it looks. Guarded with their smartphone three mothers and daughters, aged between 12 and 19, document their own journey towards maturity in the documentary series Daughters.

KPN Presenteert

British bachelor party trashes Amsterdam

Everyone is familiar with the typical loud British tourists who visit our country. So when KPN televison wanted to launch BBC we followed these typical tourists. All is fine until they find there’s no BBC on their TV


Two cheesy commercials

Maaslander goes back to its roots with Kaasmakers cheese; its original farmer’s cheese, made by two specially selected farmers, each of whom has his signature cheesemaking style. Meet farmers Olieman and Van Dieijen.


How to hack €100.000 in 5 days

How to become a hacker and earn €100,000 within 5 days? That’s what this YouTube video teaches you.

Digibewust 3

Shadow play

With this thought as a springboard Wefilm visualized the Karvan Cevitam effect in a short film that shows how an ordinary walk can become a whole lot more fun when you step back and open up to new possibilities.

Karvan Cevitam