Roel is creative director and co-founder of Wefilm. He is known for turning new ideas into credible and touchingly recognizable stories and tries not only to create a film, but rather impactful solutions. Roel attracted a team of extremely talented directors who believed in Wefilm's vision. 

Meanwhile, Roel persevered to find new ways to trigger the audience's emotions. In 2012 he directed Dela that won the Grand Prix in Cannes and co-created the Live Twitter Film that won the ADCN Grand Prix. Roel was  part of the Cannes Lions film craft jury and chairman of the Dutch Esprix Jury. Winning a ADCN grand Prix for Interpolis Smoorverliefd was one of his highlights as Creative Director

Because every life deserves infinite attention

How to visualize the sincere attention of DELA funeral directors in a modest, human way?


Don’t let your cell phone steal your future

Interpolis approached Wefilm with their new long term goal: by 2050 they want there to be 0 deaths in traffic accidents.


A million solar panels on my roof? I’m in!

In this campaign we wanted to convey our concern sincerely, but we also wanted to give hope as well.


The graduation speech

Graduating from a part-time study doesn’t always get the praise it deserves.


Don't wait to say beautiful words

Dela wants to inspire everyone to say beautiful words. With hidden cameras, we shot 6 touching speeches of real people.

Dela 52


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Zorginstituut Nederland

A fight for freedom of choice in birth care

With a remarkable live press conference, we created awareness about freedom of choice in birth care. Because that freedom is under pressure and needs to be protected.


Just not yet

We all want the best for our children, but just because of this, you sometimes have to tell them: ‘FF niks’

NIX<18, ministerie VWS

A couple of questions from the next generation

Time for an unusual and uncomfortable interview about the one subject that should be on top of every voters mind during the upcoming election.


A historic CEO meeting too good to be true

The CEO's of the most polluting companies finally sat down together, or did they? Time to discuss climate change for real.


Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare


Saving a life by sharing a video

How a small question gained maximum impact.


A heavy metal auditory test

When grunging sounds of dark voices, screaming guitar riffs and thumbing drums blow through the speaker, you might forget the damage it could cause for your hearing. So we organized an auditory test, the heavy metal way.


Discover a World of Wonders

Efteling has been around for over sixty years and nearly every living soul in The Netherlands has been spellbound by its fairy tale world. But how to share this wondrous feeling with an international audience unaware the park even exists?


Stanislav: 5 million views in a week

Shocking personalized maffia viral explained the dangers of social media to the Dutch people.

Ministry of Justice 16

Epic hostage prank

By making stars of unsuspected passers-by, we showed that the Dutch Film Festival is not only for stars, but for everyone.

Dutch Film Festival

The craziest BMX stunt ever

To promote the usage of bike lights, Holland's best BMX bikers perform their stunts. In the city of Rotterdam, at nighttime and with bike lights new style.

Ministry of Transportation

Billboard against violence

Public service employees in the Netherlands face aggression more often. Onlookers do not intervene. A live interactive billboard is used to confront everyone with their inactivity.

Ministry of Justice 6

I spy with my little eye

Child abuse usually happens behind closed doors. It looks like it never happens, but the facts don't lie.


Max the Hacker, a viral legend

To show that IT is fun, we gave birth to a hacker. This YouTube series reached over 31 million people without any media budget.

Info Support 1