150 personal videos for 150 members of parliament

For Artsen Slaan Alarm, with Wefilm Concepts

A big problem with a rather simple solution: decrease selling points, increase prices.

After the succes of ‘the most unwanted business card’, the medical specialists continue their mission against the tobacco industry. This time they didn’t focus on helping smokers to quit, but to help politicians change the rules. With the prevention rules proposal on the table for debate in the house of representatives, the medical specialists wanted to get as much support for the proposal as possible. And at the same time, they wanted to challenge the politicians to push the proposed rules, especially in lowering selling points of tobacco and increasing prices.

Just like we did in ‘the most unwanted business card’, we want to give an advice people did not ask for, and offer a helping hand. For politicians the best advice and help are facts they can use in debate. Therefore we wanted to give every single member of the house of representatives a personal and unique message from a medical specialist. We produced 150 unique personal video’s, with 150 unique facts for every sitting member in the house. The video’s were personally addressed through social media, creating a big buzz of medial specialists asking politicians to take actions.

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