A brand made for modern nomads

For XD Design, with Wefilm Concepts

When everyone is copying your product, the brand can set you apart.

In 2016 XD Design launched its anti-theft bag pack on kickstarter. The kickstarter community gave its approval massively, turning it into a big success. But every good innovation gets copied, so XD Design launched another bag, that again was embraced by the community. To keep standing out on competitors, next to product innovation, XD Design realized it had to work on a distinguished brand.

Wefilm Concepts teamed up with XD Design to work on the building blocks for its brand story. We created a clear brand compass for all communications, based on the belief that XD Design is made for modern nomads; the ones who live their life on the move. Secondly, XD Design exists because of its community. So the story of XD Design, should be the story of their very involved community.

To kick-off we wanted to introduce the modern nomad, by a beautifully crafted short documentary. We found three stories in the XD Design community that reflect the mentality that motivates XD Design to keep innovating and empowering modern nomads. Meet Dario, Rhona and Miquel.

To tell about the features of the bag, we created the format of backstories. A docu style pack shot film, capturing two stories of modern nomads on the move, with the bag in the focus of attention.

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