A challenge on how we see health

For SGF, with Wefilm Concepts

Let's challenge yourself and adopt a healthy lifestyle

With so many different views on health, whether it's what you should or shouldn't eat or how many minutes or hours you should exercise in a day, who really knows what's best? Do we need to work out for 2 hours a day? Or are some simple exercises and some lovely walks sufficient?

This is what we set out to find out in our new weekly 2K40 format Challenge Jezelf (Yourself in Dutch), where two teams get challenged to adopt a healthy lifestyle. One group has to do a Light challenge: using only household items and trying to be more aware of what they eat. While the other team gets the Hardcore challenge: this team goes all out for a week, they take their bodies to the limit with the guidance of professional trainers and dieticians.

After a week, they check back in with each other to see how they feel and if there are things that they can adopt into their usual lifestyle. 


Together we are at our best


A green story told by an orange sweater