A couple of questions from the next generation

For milieudefensie, with Wefilm Concepts

We vote for the future of our children

The Dutch elections are approaching and the scientific community couldn’t be more vocal about the one subject that should be on everyone's mind: climate change. Maybe people still don’t feel like it is a pressing matter, not for for them, not right now. But these elections might be our most important yet: this is our last chance to secure the future of our children. 

At the moment just a handful of companies are responsible for 40% of all CO2 emissions in Holland. If we want necessary meaningful change, these businesses must participate, and they aren’t going to change by themselves. No matter what party we vote for, we have let them know that this should be a top priority. 

Together with Milieudefensie we’ve developed this campaign, because we don’t just want to talk about the importance of a vote, we want to use the impact of filmmaking to make people feel it. We asked a diverse group of Dutch influencers to come to our studio and talk about climate change, but what they didn’t know was that their interviewer would be a 7/8 year old child. On top of that we created a telling and atmospheric setting: a shallow pool of water covering the entire floor, reflecting a subtly hopeful sky. Every action, every step, sending out ripples across the room. 

The kids each ask three questions that concern their future, but it’s not about providing the ‘right’ answers. It’s about the dread of having to explain this to them, while looking them in the eye. The tension was palpable and the urgency for our cause couldn’t be more clear:

This time we vote for them.


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