A green story told by an orange sweater

For Aware, with Wefilm Concepts

Making a very complicated technological story quite simple for the fashion industry.

AWARE has a quite brilliant solution. In short, it makes fabric you can literally scan (yep that’s right, with a scanner) to validate the origin and composition of the material. That way you 100% know for sure that the fabric you're using is sustainable. Super easy and secure. No more chance of being accused of greenwashing or not being transparant.   

But that’s just the short story. The very short story. The long story that needed to be told to really convince the industry, is quite complicated. With tracing particles added to the yarn and digital passports with information stored in blockchain. Our goal was to help AWARE creating the right tools to reach sustainable manager, buyers and other fashion industry professionals with a clean and simple story. Just as clean and green as the product itself.

After a strategic exploration we came to the conclusion that AWARE basically creates fabric that speaks for itself. By scanning the fabric it literally tells you all facts about its sustainability. We created a stylish explanatory film, set photography, a little booklet with more information and together with Daylight a website: weareaware.co.

A unique startup with the potential to really change the fashion industry. To rebuild trust in sustainable claims and thereby stimulating fashion brands to really switch to being fully sustainable.


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