A heavy metal auditory test

For Barmer, with Grey Düsseldorf, produced with Rabbicorn

From a quiet sit to a jumping pit

How do you get people to think about protecting their auditory sense? You go to a place where there’s an abundance of decibels, for instance a heavy metal rock festival. Together with Grey Düsseldorf and our production brothers and sisters from Rabbicorn, we created the first heavy metal auditory test for health insurance company Barmer.

We surprised unsuspecting visitors of the German rock festival Reload, with a very grungy way of testing their ears. What starts as any ordinary test full of bleeps, with a harsh researcher, totally changes when the room evolves into a rock stage leaving the participant in the middle of a private concert.

Wefilm and Rabbicorn partnered up with United to technically take the production to a next level too. Twelve camera’s, from Sony F55’s to Go Pro’s, were live connected to a OBV (outside broadcast vehicle) so director Roel Welling and DOP Daan Nieuwenhuijs could build their story almost instantly. Furthermore, the camera’s recorded in 4K HDR to add even more layers in the images.   

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