A historic CEO meeting too good to be true

For Milieudefensie, with Wefilm Concepts

Could it be real?

On October 3rd 2021 we witnessed a historic event. The CEO’s of the most polluting companies in The Netherlands came together to discuss climate change. Finally something that is going to have a real and lasting impact. Could it be real?

At Wefilm we are extremely worried about the climate crisis. Luckily most now people do. But when it comes down to climate change the real impact is made by a handful of polluting companies. The top five companies in the Netherlands are responsible for a surprisingly large portion of all pollution worldwide. A small country capable of big things. We make a serious impact. It can be for better or for worse.

So we are very grateful to be able to continue our work with Milieudefensie. For this latest campaign it all started with a single image that we couldn’t get out of our head: what if the CEO’s of the most polluting companies simply sat down together, to really think about their role in their children and grandchildren’s future? What if it turns out these six men are actually empathetic, kind and worried people? What if they suddenly agreed: “Let’s do things radically different! It’s scary and difficult, but necessary, so let’s do it!” It sounds so simple and yet so impossible… 

We believe this is where the power of film can really shine. To show people what might be, to let you feel that it is just beyond your grasp and to inspire change. In the end we have to accept that these powerful CEO’s are probably not suddenly going to change their ways. 
We must ask our politicians to put pressure on large polluting companies. Even though we’re not the big polluters… it is up to us.


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