A love story on a piece of paper

For PostNL, with Isobar

A postcard to the rescue on Valentine’s Day

Let’s start with a little exercise. Ok, imagine someone you love is standing right before you on this very moment and you have to express how much you love him or her. What would you say? You’re probably searching for the perfect words. Don’t worry, so were most of the people we asked that question on a sunny day in Amsterdam.

We asked random people about their love for each other. We found lovers and best friends; some were together one week, others married for 64 years. The conversations went smoothly until we asked them if and how they ever expressed their love for each other.

So we gave them a little help by handing over a postcard to try putting their words on paper. They were allowed some time to write their cards before we asked them to read their own words out loud. The beautiful messages were mesmerizing. Yes, love was in the air.


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