A million solar panels on my roof? I’m in!

For Vandebron, with Wefilm Concepts

We’re all worried about the climate, but what can I do?

Let’s be honest, given the choice, we would all choose to have a million solar panels on our roof as a solution to combat climate change. Despite that being logistically difficult (who has a roof that big?), it is an especially far-fetched dream if you live in a city like Amsterdam, like Dutch actress and Vandebron ambassador Jennifer Hoffman. So what is the next best option for someone like Jennifer? Getting Vandebron: 100% green energy from Dutch sources. 

When Jennifer reached out asking what she could do to help the climate crisis, we were moved by her story. We wanted to create a positive commercial, with a sense of urgency. To give the film a personal touch, we decided to let Jennifer tell her story herself. Inspired by her experiences, we wrote a script that encapsulated her concerns and wishes and visualised the ideal world: one where you can delete coal-fired power stations with the snap of your fingers.


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