A rollercoaster ride through your kitchen

For ABN AMRO, with Wefilm Concepts

Promoting a house by giving people the ride of a lifetime

It’s 2014 and the house market is in a lock down. Prices are going down and houses remain unsold. Especially for their clients with a house for sale, ABN AMRO created the Huizenpromoter (House Promotor), a campaign to help clients with some free extra promotion for their house.

To kick things off, we came up with a way to spice up those boring house viewings and turn them into a true experience: we built a rollercoaster ride through a house that’s for sale. House Viewing 2.0. The rollercoaster takes potential buyers on a tour through the premises. The ride is accompanied by a narrated audio tour for extra information on the house.

It starts off with a nice quick descent into the basement, and takes us up the stairs, through the rooms on first and second floor and ends with a thrilling fast downhill ride from the balcony into the garden. Woohoo!

The film itself is the real promotion for the house, going viral and reaching a bigger audience than possibly any house for sale ever did. The film reached over 65 million viewers on Facebook and YouTube. Arguably, some say it's the biggest viral of The Netherlands ever.


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