An ode to Sunday

For ABN AMRO, with Wefilm Concepts

A perfect day to think about the future

ABN AMRO wants to serve their clients when it’s most convenient, from the most comfortable locations. Even if that means on Sunday from your living room couch. On Sundays there’s often more time for personal banking than during the workweek, especially when it’s personal banking requiring time and focus, like a mortgage consultation. ABN AMRO offers Sunday mortgage consultations via webcam, all from the comfort of your home. We were asked to create and produce a film to introduce this new service.

Sunday is a day for daydreaming. A day to think about the future. A walk on the beach, indulging yourself with a blanket on the couch, lunch with friends, visiting family, fixing your bike, playing sports, ordering Chinese, odd jobs, making new plans for your home, or dreaming about a new home. Anything is possible on Sundays.

To introduce ABN AMRO’s Sunday mortgage service, we chose to show the beauty of the day of rest- a stress-free, dreamy day that breathes freedom, nostalgia, and shelter. We worked with Amp.Amsterdam to find the perfect song to express this emotion. This led us to singer-songwriter Lucky Fonz III, who created the song “Sunday”.


A heavy metal auditory test


Billy, world saviour