Billboard against violence

For Ministry of Justice, with N=5

How to prevent inertia?

More and more, public service employees in the Netherlands are victims of aggression and violence on the streets.

Unfortunately, onlookers do not intervene often enough when they encounter a situation like this. The campaign used a live interactive billboard in Amsterdam and Rotterdam to place people in a similar situation and confront them with their inactivity. We are literally holding up a mirror they can see themselves in.

Bystanders are filmed and these life size images are displayed in real time on a huge billboard. A second layer of previously recorded blue screen film has been edited into the live images on the screen. In this second layer of film, an ambulance arrives and a group of youths start harassing the paramedics. The onlookers, who unknowingly play a supporting role in this film, do not intervene.

The Dutch government uses this interactive communications medium to confront the public and to provide them with a few tips on how to react to aggression on the streets. Call for help and speak out. Call the police. Stay with the victim. Take pictures for the police and file a report.


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