Black Box

In each episode of the Youtube series Black Box, a group of friends is invited to realize one of their #MisNiks bucket-list dreams. But, there’s a catch.

A quarter of young people regard their own use of the telephone in traffic as problematic. Despite this, one in three young people continues to use the telephone while cycling. It also appears that half of the young people regret their use of the telephone in traffic after they have experienced an unsafe situation. 

With Black Box, we are simulating the experience of losing someone due to an unsafe traffic situation. The unfortunate person who is not allowed to participate experiences what it is like to miss beautiful moments in life, while the friend group gets to experience what it would feel like for them to no longer have their beloved friend around while they are experiencing special moments.

That one app can lead to a traffic accident and make you miss everything. This campaign is rolled out via PR, social channels and will be consistently reinforced by various dynamic types of #MisNiks content.


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