Boxing '82

For Dumpert and Viceland, with Wefilm Concepts

Rough, tough, and bloody hilarious. Meet Rotterdam's finest.

The series Boxing ’82 documents the former reputed boxing gym located in the notorious neighborhood Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam. Due to an incident, the gym is excluded from official games by the Dutch Boxing federation. Motivated by a new generation of boxers, the veteran owner and trainers get their chance to fight their way back for reconstitution. But that will take sacrifices and setting aside pride.

The story also shows how the gym has an important social function within the notorious neighborhood in the south part of Rotterdam;  a rough working class district with much ethnic diversity and a high unemployment rate.

During five episodes we follow the unique characters preparing themselves for a game that can change everything. They all have their own humor and drama. From the Feyenoord hooligan and owner Frans, the 89-year old trainer Jaap to the surprisingly philosophical boxer Mike. And not to forget, Gijs the dog.

The concept was developed in collaboration with Dumpert that asked Wefilm to think about next level video productions. Long format content with a bold style and storyline. When a couple of characters from the gym went viral on Dumpert, we agreed to further research this arena of unique characters. And our effort got rewarded. When Viceland joined as well, we started the adventure with some of the toughest, but also some of the most heartwarming guys we ever met.

Boxing ’82 is aired on tv at Viceland and online on Dumpert.

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