Dear adults, this is the future speaking

For WWF, with Wefilm Concepts

Today’s children won’t take no for an answer

It strangely occurs that when we grow up, we tend to lose our connection with nature. We are becoming less and less one with nature. Weird if you think about it, because we’re living in the middle of it. Nature is not only exotic forests or far away oceans, it’s everywhere. Even in our houses. The World Wide Fund of Nature (WWF) asked us to help them bringing their new Be One With Nature slogan to life. They want to address everyone to take action by becoming more One With Nature and create a better world.

The people that still have the most connection with nature are our future generation of adults. And they are worried. Very worried about the place where they have to live when they grow up. Or their children. That’s why we came up with a strategy where our future generation of adults show grown ups how to become One With Nature again. A bitter truth. However we don’t want to point fingers, we want to motivate. By showing what you can actually do.

We made a short film with four young activists, speaking in front of an unexpected group of adults. They speech on different locations, in front of different audiences, but they tell one story. We’ve let it come much to far. But they don’t blame the adults as they know much more now, than most adults did in the past. But the fact is, we have to take action. And as the adults are mostly talking, the young generation will lead the way. But they do ask for help. And to make a start, the youngsters show what we can do to help.


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