Did you ever taste a painting?

For Philips, with Ogilvy Amsterdam

The healthiest piece of art you've ever seen

It is estimated that 86% of all Europeans do not meet the recommended five portions of vegetables and fruit a day while a balanced diet is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

In a rather special exhibition of still lifes by Jan van Huysem (1728), Anthony Oberman (1830) and Floris Claesz. van Dijck (1615) visitors are dumbstruck as they find out all fruits and vegetables have disappeared from these masterpieces. Although there is still one piece of fruit left in van Huysum's stillife: an apple. However, one attendant guarding the room walks over, magically ‘plucks’ the apple from the painting and takes it with him. Moments later the visitors hear the shrilly sound of a juicer and the attendant comes back drinking a delicious smoothie. For this shoot we rebuild a copy of an exhibition room inside the museum so we could hide our cameras and secretly film unsuspecting visitors.




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