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For Efteling

How many wonders per second take place in our country's most beloved, magical theme park?

Together with Efteling, we aimed to create an eclectic edit of real expressions of wonder that show how enchanting the park is in a most authentic and honest way. This film is the first international TV commercial to inspire foreigners to experience Efteling’s magic.

What makes this film a real Wefilm is that during our two days of shooting, we had three of our directors in the field rather than just one. Led by Lennart's leading vision, our directors Roel and Basha were also looking for their own wonders to capture. We all invited family and friends to come along and put them in front of the lens to keep a familiar and relaxed vibe on set.

Geared with small professional cameras, a strong visual idea, and three different but complementary directing styles, we have created a symphony of images that show the wide range of Efteling’s wonders, without the artificiality that is so often seen in theme park commercials. We are most proud of the fact that the characters in our film weren’t acting, they were experiencing and enjoying every magical second of it.


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