Donate a one minute conversation

For Nierstichting, with Issuemakers

What happens when you’ve registered yourself as an organ donor, your family doesn’t know about it, and you pass away?

When you’re a registered donor who has passed away, before surgery, you’re loved ones will always be asked for their consent. In an estimated 70% of all cases, your loved ones will choose not to have your organs donated. Mostly because weren’t informed about your last wish.
A lot of organs, that could have been life savers, go to waste like this every year. All this can be solved with a simple and short conversation. In this campaign it’s the people in desperate need of a new organ, asking you for a favour. They’re not asking for a new organ, just a minute of your time. A minute that should be enough to let your loved ones know about your last wishes. A minute that could potentially save lives and most of all, save your loved ones an impossible dilemma.

The film was made in a studio-setting where every patient had time and space to record their message as many times as they wanted until they were satisfied. For this film we took out takes where they struggle with their emotions or stumble over words. This gives a little insight into how sincere they are, how hard it is to ask for help in a position like theirs and how urgent the matter really is. 


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