Don't be scared Mum and Dad

For ING, with Wefilm Concepts

Parents only allowed under the supervision of children.

In support of the launch of the new Rijksmuseum exhibition, “Onderkruipsels,” ING, longtime partner of the museum reached out to us to create a promotional film. The exhibition consists of a curated selection of art containing insects and animals, and other scenes that may be conventionally considered “creepy.” The creepy nature of the exhibition may bring chills to many visitors, but there is one particular group of people who may find it more fascinating than scary: children. That’s why we advise families to come under the strict guidance and supervision of children under 12.

We filmed our visitors from the perspective of the artwork, in order to give it a playful look and feel and to allow you to fully enjoy their reactions up close. We also like how it teases us: We don’t know what they’re looking at, but all these entertaining expressions on their faces spark your curiosity enough that you want to also go see what they are looking at!


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