Dropping the beat while fighting a disease

For Stichting Make-A-Wish, with Wefilm Concepts

How Quincy Vano got to shine on stage

Quincy is an ambitious and talented musician, DJ, producer and teenager. He’s spinning the wheels as Quincy Vano. And he has a weak kidney from birth that makes him that tired he needs a transplantation. So next year he will receive a kidney from his mother. Make-A-Wish offers kids that have a life threatening disease a journey that leads up to fulfilling one of their deepest wishes.

As a young DJ and producer Quincy loves to make people dance on his favourite genre: Deep House. Easily does he mix one song into another, working it up to the climax. His talent got him one of the few spots in the Herman Brood Academy. Young and ambitious, Quincy has a very clear goal: he wants to become the best DJ of the world. 

The film shows how Make-A-Wish understands Quincy and helps him to fulfil his wish by taking an important step towards his goal to become the best DJ. The film shows that Quincy is much more than someone with a life threatening kidney disease. It’s part of him but it’s definitely not who he is. Quincy is mostly a talented and ambitious musician that has a clear goal. Like the true hero’s journey, the film follows his way to get ready to take the stage, whilst being loved and supported by his family.

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