encouraging CEO's to do the right thing

CEO’s: in order to keep your company long-term, ensure that you make climate change a priority.

The annual shareholders' meetings of large Dutch companies are coming up again. For the 29 most polluting companies in the Netherlands, (think: ING, Schiphol, Rabobanlk, etc), these are the most important ever because these meetings will be used to decide whether they will distribute their profits to shareholders or invest in a sustainable future. 

The climate plans they presented in 2022 at the request of Milieudefensie were insufficient to prevent disastrous climate change. To encourage directors and shareholders to make the right, sustainable choice, Milieudefensie and creative agency Wefilm have developed the campaign #DeLaatsteAanmoediging.

#DeLaatsteAanmoediging begins with 4 30" TVCs in which you are immersed into the mind of a CEO who is about to speak to his shareholders. Is he going for a quick profit or a sustainable future? Will the input of those around him help him make a decision? 

Subsequently, an extensive (online) campaign calls on the public to encourage directors and stakeholders to make the sustainable choice. The support from the public is welcomed, as these directors often do not dare to take the step alone due to pressure from their peers. 

The campaign builds towards the actual shareholders' meetings this spring, where pressure from the public, shareholders and politicians demand future-proof climate plans.


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