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For Vodafone, with DDB & Tribal Amsterdam

Defying the limitations of stuttering with hip hop

Vodafone is all about connecting people with mobile technology. Our ability to speak might be the most powerful gift to connect. For some however, speaking fluently is less self-evident. And sadly enough, kids who stutter are also often victims of bullying.

Luckily there are ways for people who stutter, to get in a flow and speak without any trouble. Singing for instance. Like the famous Dutch artist Miss Montreal who sings without any hick-ups, but has difficulty speaking. Another way is to rap. That is what Mitch, a 12-year-old kid from Volendam, does. While speaking is hard, he flourishes when he’s in the flow of rap music.

To help kids and teenagers who stutter, Vodafone launches a new app to get in the flow with hip hop tunes and rap away the stuttering. The most difficult exercise is a fast pace tongue twister that really puts your skills to the test. With the help of famous rapper Ali B, the one and only Mitch was asked to record this tongue twister as the perfect example on the app. And he nails it! Like Ali B says: “The Legendary Mitch.”


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