Go Places

For Heineken, with Cloudfactory

The choices you make, define the places you go

Not many people are aware that the Heineken Company represents much more than its famous premium beer brand, but actually runs a global network of more than 250 different brands and cultures in over 70 countries. This opens a world of possibilities for those who work for the red star, and all the other brews under her flag. Especially as the Heineken Company encourages its employees to go places, allowing them to develop both their career and personality.

To communicate this message, Cloudfactory wanted to take things one step further, and actually allow the Heineken Company to find the people that have the wits and personality to fit the Heineken profile. Over the course of a year, we developed an interactive job interview that works on either a desktop or mobile device, and guides the viewer through a personality test consisting of 12 questions – defining how you fit in with the Heineken Company. Based on your answers, a highly personal profile is created, reflecting who you truly are. 

The result is a highly entertaining film that helps you define who you are. It’s a unique crossover between HR and marketing, revealing the Heineken Company’s innovative spirit as a brand and potential employer.

One important feature of this film is that the cast cast is made up of real Heineken Company faces (over 75), which makes everything truly relevant: you’re actually watching the people you might get to work with after your interview.


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