How much have we invested in each other?

For Rabobank, with Ogilvy & Mather

Look around you, who have you been investing in?

Being the biggest cooperative bank in the Netherlands, Rabobank invests in a multitude of wonderful projects. The bank also realizes that within these projects people invest in one another in so many different ways. That’s what the new Rabobank campaign is about. About you, me and everyone around us.

Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam came up with this new Rabobank campaign in which the banks connections to many beautiful stories; stories about helping each other out, being there for each other and making plans materialize. 

During the past year we met a lot of people and told a their stories. For this new film we found it was time to revisit them and see what the past year and the Rabobank influence brought them. We see how the two students found their dream job, how beer brewers Michel and Lydian almost tripled their production and how Feli is enjoying her new house with her expanded family.

Wefilm is proud to be part of this longer running campaign and we are looking forward to meeting new people and telling the stories that lay ahead. We will travel across the country with a small crew and attempt to portray people and their lives in the sincerest way possible by capturing small details.


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