Just not yet

For NIX<18, ministerie VWS, with Roorda

More than a quarter of the Dutch parents offer their under-age child a glass of alcohol every now and then. The number of those glasses even increases during special occasions or holidays.

It appears that parents have a vital influence on their child’s alcohol consumption, which is why NIX18 aims to motivate Dutch parents to tell their children this holiday season: just not yet. 

By use of Glen Faria’s single ‘FF NIKS’, we helped NIX18 achieve their goal of withholding parents from stimulating their under-age child’s alcohol consumption. The videoclip shows Glen reminiscing about his son’s childhood and all the loving memories he treasures. Now that his son has reached the age of seventeen, he wants to participate with all the adults around the Christmas table. In the course of the song, Glen explains to his son that although he would want to give him the world, he is just not old enough yet to drink alcohol. 

‘FF NIKS’ turned out to be a catchy tune, which used the parental point of view of Glen to encourage all other parents to say: ‘FF niks’, despite the fact that they want the best for their children, but also just because of this.

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