Legends aren't born, they're dropped

For Heineken, with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

Travel out of your comfort zone and into the adventure

Heineken believes all men have a legendary traveler inside them, just waiting to be awakened. Together with W+K Amsterdam, we put this theory to the test. In this series of adventures, real guys are pulled out of their everyday lives and dropped into a universe that’s unlike anything they’ve seen before. We observe them as they use every ounce of charm, strength and wit to find their way back home.

Men from all over the world applied to be selected for an epic drop. Having gotten to know the six candidates pretty well during the final stages of the selection process, we handpicked the ideal drop location for each one of them. All drop locations were tailored to challenge a specific type of personality. We shot 15 episodes in Cambodia, Alaska, Poland, Morocco and The Philippines. 

The candidates were ordered to pack a suitcase without knowing their destination and received their ticket in the airport only minutes before departure. Upon landing somewhere on the other side of the globe, they were greeted by our crew. Luggage, phone and passport were confiscated and the candidates were blindfolded. After another 24 hours of travel (by boat, helicopter, car or snowmobile) they arrived at their drop location where they were allowed to remove the blindfold and start their journey. And that, my dear friends, is how legends are dropped!


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