Let's start building our healthiest generation

For Gezonde Generatie, with Wefilm Concepts

By the year 2040 we want to be the healthiest generation in the world. Because ultimately you are the one standing there.

We are creating a platform together with the next generation of influencers, and you can join them. 

If we continue to live in our current environment, more than half of our generation will be chronically ill in 20 years'. A hard and cold fact we got from SGF, the cooperating health funds, before we started to work on our new platform 2k40. The platform is going to be a safe environment for the younger generation to speek freely about any mental, physical and daily struggles our generation has to deal with. A platform created by themselves, for themselves. 

From the very first meetings it was very important for us to introduce 2k40 as a movement. A positive rebellion to make a change, told by real people. In the Launch Film we wanted to make a flashy - almost videoclip style - film; vibrant of colors to introduce the youth to this new exciting platform.

To trigger the target audience we wanted to create a strong visual icon that felt as a safe space for the youth. A place where you can speak your mind, ambitions and heartfelt feelings. Introducing: The Cube. A life size mirrored cube we placed all over the Netherlands. 'Think inside the box' and make an impact that's reflected everywhere on the outside. 

We created eight fully immersive colorful worlds inside the cube for our key figures. Worlds that would visualize their wonderful ideas to make the world a little better. The cube is a strong symbol for a generation that wants to make a change: in 2040 we want to be the healthiest generation in the world.


What's normal nowadays?


We are all in this together