Live the precious moments

For CZ, with Lemz

Portraits of love, care and passion.

These are the stories of people getting the most out of their lives and the people they love, regardless of their illness.

This TV commercial series is fully dedicated to the beautiful people in it. They show how CZ helps them with finding and organizing the care they need.

In these films, director Jona Honer plays with a specific visual, stylistic design aiming to express the emotions of these people. Instead of focussing on the suffer that comes along with their problems, the films try to show the beauty of how they deal deal with their situation. Loving and caring attention from one person to another is the main focus in the films.

With this campaign, CZ shows their direct added value for people in need for care. The health insurer aims at helping people with organizing care, such that they can focus on their personal relations and the things that really matter.


I am Sacha in -19 degrees Celsius


The stress test