Mammoth Meatball

For Vow, with Wunderman Thompson

Feast your eyes on the world’s very first meat created from the DNA of the extinct Woolly Mammoth.


Cutting-edge technology has allowed us to reimagine the food we eat, and the world's first Mammoth Meatball is here to prove it. Made directly from animal cells, this revolutionary meat is not only tastier but also healthier, more sustainable, and cruelty-free. And what's even more mind-blowing - it opens the door to eating meat from animals that no longer exist.

In collaboration with Wunderman Thompson, Vow, and Naturalis, Wefilm created a film that showcases the potential of cultured meat to transform the food industry and encourage consumers to think differently about their eating habits. “The Mammoth Meatball” is a bold statement, urging us to consider the role of science and creativity in shaping the future of food production and consumption.

At Wefilm, we are passionate about emerging technologies that can help fight against climate change, and this project is a perfect example of the kind of innovation that excites us. The Mammoth Meatball is not just a delicious meal - it's a catalyst for discussion about the environmental impact of animal agriculture and the potential of new forms of protein.

Join us in exploring the future of food, and let's start a conversation about how we can use science and creativity to build a better world, one bite at a time. This is not just a meatball - this is the future of food.



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