Mixing all colors gives you black

For Omroep Zwart, with Wefilm Concepts

Add your color. Everybody is welcome.

Over the years there have been many complaints about a lack of diversity in mainstream television, both in front of and especially behind the camera. Omroep Zwart (Network Black) aims to change this. They are committed to being a true representation of the society we’re living in: diverse in culture, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

The world is changing, the Netherlands are changing, and it’s been a long time coming. For decades there has been a call for more diversity, but now it seems people are ready to listen. Wefilm is a proud supporter of this new voice in the media landscape. We teamed up with Omroep Zwart’s initiators and created this film to introduce Holland to a new player in town. Their shows will represent culture, heritage and stories that you haven’t seen before.

Without it, man, we are missing out. Rich, colorful, optimistic and most importantly open to anyone. So if you feel something is missing, feel free to add to it!

To be eligible Omroep Zwart needs 50.000 signatures this year. Join this moment and make it grow. Let’s keep an open mind, learn from one another. 


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