More Future, More GroenLinks

For GroenLinks, with Dawn

The past year has been a year of holding back for many people. It was a year of “less”.

Left wing ideals are sometimes associated with “less”. Less meat, less flying, less fun. For the upcoming Dutch elections we want to turn this notion around. GroenLinks is always about optimism and perspective. GroenLinks is not about less, but about more! More Votes, More Future, More GroenLinks.
The weeks before election day we’ll shake up the Netherlands with a barrage of short videos showing the themes that GroenLinks is committed to.
In every video we observe a different person at home. All of them hear or see something disturbing. They ‘wake up’ and get hit by the realisation they do have influence on what’s happening in the Netherlands. Election Day is around the corner. So wake up, jump up and go vote! 


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