No kids offside

For ING, with Wefilm concepts

With financial health as one of its most important missions, ING helps parents that can’t afford their kid's membership fee

The true strength of a football team lays in the differences of the players. In a great team everyone plays their own part. The only thing that shouldn’t be part of a team are financial limitations that prevent kids from becoming a club member. 

Our campaign shows the different roles in a football team: from the fastest striker and the immovable stopper, to the bench warmer with the biggest mouth. Roles every footballer knows and recognizes. But, what they might not realize is that 1 out of 11 kids can’t afford to play football at a club; that isn’t just a number, that’s a teammate. 

ING, financial institution and proud sponsor of Dutch football, helps parents by appointing financial contacts at their local clubs. These financial contacts can guide parents to solutions and funds so their child won’t be permanently benched. To help ING create awareness for this hidden problem and for the solution of these financial contacts, we created a 360 campaign that shows the importance of each player on a team. 

A heartwarming campaign that shows the love of football and reveals the heartbreaking fact that not every child can afford to play this wonderful game at their local club. Together with ING we aim to change this and make sure not one young player is left offside. 


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