Nobody wants to become a refugee

For UAF, With Youngworks

Dreaming about your future is a bigger privilege then we think

UAF is a Dutch foundation that helps educated refugees to find their place in Dutch society. Guided by the motto "UAF gives refugees a chance at creating a new future", we made a film showing how we take dreaming about our future for granted while it's actually a privilege, looking at refugees. For them dreaming freely about the future is not within their grasp.

We asked a dozen young people born in The Netherlands about their dreamed jobs. Some having realistic dreams, others almost childishly naïve. Unrestricted dreams about the future, because there’s always a chance they can achieve these dreams. We also went to an asylum centre and asked a number of refugees the same question about their dream job. Exactly the same question, with exactly the same answers. Only difference: they didn’t became architects, scientists or biologists, they became refugees.


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