Our heart for healthcare heroes

For KNMG, with Wefilm Concepts

Let’s support healthcare during the Corona crisis with a powerful symbol visible on the streets.

Hospitals are crowded with Corona patients. Schools are on a full lockdown, people are being forced to stay inside their homes, but medical personnel are still fighting for us all. Meanwhile they are risking their lives, leaving their families at home. We want to let them know that we deeply care about them and the work they do for us.

The biggest support is to stay home as much as we can. And our healthcare profs are often too busy to see all support on social media. So what can we do from our home that can give that little bit of extra support?                 

We came with the idea of creating a national symbol of sympathy: a white t- shirt with a red heart. The white shirt represents a lab coat while the heart symbolises our love and support. We asked everyone to put up their shirt behind the window, to create a guard of valour by shirts. So whenever medical personnel gets home from another nerf wrecking day, they see how thankful we are. And to activate other, we asked everyone to share it on social with #mijnhartvoordezorg (#myheartforhealthcare)

During the production process our number one priority was to lead by example and stay inside. It all started with a ‘video call pressure cooker’ in our Wefilm Creative Collective to develop the concept. All Wefilm directors, their family and friends started to make shirts a capture it on film. These materials were used to make an edit, supported with a music track that was composed within a day.

In the meantime another team was setting up plans to get our message to the biggest audience as possible. We got the chance to launch the initiative in a talk show, several influencers and celebs endorsed the initiative, we got broadcast time offered in the commercial breaks, outdoor exploitant JCDecaux gave us space, we made social gifs, whatsapp chains and much more.

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