Outsmarting bike thieves

For VanMoof, with Wefilm Concepts

The key to healthier cities starts with ending bike theft

Together with VanMoof we launched a campaign to end bike theft in 2020. Research shows that bike theft stops people to buy high-quality bikes. So either they don’t cycle at all, or people buy a cheap bike that will end up as junk on the streets, piling up the amount of city waste. So, ending bike theft is an important step to get the world cycling. Healthier for everyone.

With its technology in the bike and The Bike Hunters who recover stolen bikes, VanMoof already has a lot of proof in fighting bike theft. Together with VanMoof we stepped up the game. First of all by making a promise. The end of 2020 there’s no VanMoof bike stolen anymore.

Besides the tech innovations by VanMoof’s R&D Lab, we created a communications campaign that shows how VanMoof is outsmarting bike theft. A positive approach that connects directly with their mantra Outsmart the city. The campaign Sorry Thieves creatively shows how we playfully work on our mission of ending bike theft.

The first campaign initiative is to help buyers not to buy a stolen bike. There’s a lot of stolen bikes sold on second hand markets. Therefore we introduced a theft checker where you can check if a bike is stolen or not. To stress out the importance of always checking if a bike is stolen, and to discourage buying stolen bikes, we created a short film in which the buyer finds out he’s in the same room as the rightful owner of the stolen bike he/she just bought. See what happens…


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