Protect nature, meter by meter

For EarthToday

If we want our children to have a future, we need to protect fifty percent of our planet by 2050. However, we still take away millions of square meters of nature every day. This has to stop.

Say hello to, a new purpose platform and community dedicated to protect our precious planet. EarthToday joins forces with nature protection organizations, charities and brands and makes it possible for everybody to protect nature. For only 1,20 euro, you can protect 1m2 of nature. 

To introduce EarthToday, we've visualised 1 square meter of nature, just to show how big, rich and full of life this is. And how important it is to protect even the smallest piece of nature. This video kicked off a month-long campaign with the goal to protect 1 million m2 meters (as a start). 

Under media direction of Wefilm Media, the campaign kicked off with a bang caused by a PR offensive and an army of concerned celebrities. But also through editorial and sponsored attention on TV, radio, social and outdoor. After just two weeks, the campaign goal was hit! Time to aim higher and go for 50% of the planet. 


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